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Custom Corporate
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should our business be interested in sending custom greeting cards ?

A: This year, your business can send custom holiday cards that will be remembered for years to come. They won’t cost any more than generic holiday cards. We capture what is unique about your organization and community.
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Q: What are the steps that go into designing art for a custom holiday card?
A: Usually we work from your photos of your headquarters, or historical scenes to create a montage for a business anniversary. Sometimes we start with a photo from your home town, add a delivery truck from your business, make the composite photo into art, and add snow. We can even use old time photos of your town and an old time truck. We can add people. Sometimes colleges like to have scenes of their campus, and we can add students and snow. You can be creative and see the art for your card in progress over the web.
Here are the 9 art steps that went into one riverfront redevelopment project.

Q: Can we order business anniversary art and have special cards and prints made?

A: Yes we have created many historical drawings to capture business milestones. We offer cards and prints of this special art. See an example of business anniversary art. We have also created special art for families for anniversaries- making old family photos into a composite, or creating a family tree with portraits that show the birthdays and other dates of special events.

Q. We have youth art that we would like to include in our card, but we would also like to have the art digitized so it prints well and is part of an attractive overall design.
A. We love children's art! We can show you samples of cards where we incorporate children's concepts and designs into an overall scene - or just use their ideas to make a lovely new logo or design. Ask us to see examples.

Q: We'd like to hear some customer's feedback.
A: One of the best endorsements of our work is the clients who order cards year after year. Here are some recent client stories.

Q: Who does the work on Albion Design custom cards?
A: Maggie LaNoue oversees all of the custom art for Albion Design, and does most of it herself. Learn about Maggie.

Q: Is your work Guaranteed?
A: We guarantee our work. You see proofs over the web, and a final printout before we print your cards. The process is fun and easy for you.

Q: Can I see proofs of the work in progress for my custom cards?
A: We can now show you proofs over the internet. You will still have the opportunity to see a paper proof before printing, after your art is approved. See how your art is created from initial concept to final art.

Q: Can I get a holiday scene made from my summer photo?
A: We can winterize your custom art or photographs. See some examples of winterization.

Q: What steps are involved in getting custom cards for my corporation?
A: You have probably already done some searching for the perfect card. This is a good time to
contact us and let us know what you are interested in as far as the subject matter and quantity of cards.

  • We can work from your photos, or use some of our art of Michigan, or our holiday scenes and customize any of these for you.
  • We can send you some samples of our custom holiday cards that we have created for corporations.
  • Your custom cards can be in full color, one color, or anything in between.
  • They may be large, small, or postcards.
  • We will show you some ideas before you commit to the custom art.
  • The pricing for cards depends upon all of these factors, so we get you a custom quote for cards once we get an idea of what you have in mind.

Q: What about Art Fees?
A: The art fees depend upon a number of variables. They can be quite low or included if you are ordering many custom cards. Contact us for more information.
Although we have been creating custom art for over 25 years, we have new ways of creating art that can save you money. We offer cards printed in new ways for quantities as low as 250, but your price per card will lower considerably with larger quantities of cards.
These are most effective using your art or photos. We can tweak your art or photo to make it print the very best.

Q: Can I get my art updated into full color?
A: Yes, any art created over the years by Albion Design can be digitalized, made into full color, or winterized. We can update landscaping, signage and more. Read about colorization of your art here.

Q: What about our copyrights?
A: Reproduction rights are reserved for our custom designs. Artwork by Maggie LaNoue or Albion Design is protected by U.S. Copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission from the artist.

Q: What is the Delivery Time?
A: Your cards will be delivered 2-3 weeks after the approval of a proof and all details are confirmed. (Sometimes less according to your needs!) Allow time for shipping.

Q: Tell us about the types of paper that are available for our custom holiday cards for our business.
A: We offer several types of custom cards, including the high end Strathmore Pastelle cards, glossy Silk Cards and Finch Fine cards made with forest certified stock. Write to us for more information about these cards.

Q: What are the shipping costs?
A: F.O.B. Marshall Michigan, unless otherwise indicated.

Q. I will be needing some Christmas cards printed up with a specific card design with the company logo imprinted into the design. is that something you can do?
A.That is exactly what we do. Contact us, and let us know the quantity, (an estimate is OK) then we will recommend different paper choices. Please let us know your business name and location too.

Q: What are the terms?
A: Payment is progressive as the work is completed. Custom orders require 75% deposit with order, balance usually C.O.D., or receive free shipping with 100% pre pay. We will send you a proof of all card layouts and designs for your approval. Price of proof included unless otherwise indicated. For rush work we offer pdf proofs over the web.

Q: We have an older business and want something more than just a holiday card. Can you do art that tells a story of our 100 year old business?
A: Yes of course. Visit Allow more time for this type of art.

Q: I would like postal contact information, and more information about the artist.

A: Visit our contact page and learn more about Maggie.

Q: We have our own art. We want someone to get us the best price on printing and to oversee the quality and work with us personally.
A: We are glad to work with you. We work with many printers and can get you the best price, and the best service. We can meet your deadlines.

Q: We would like a custom gift for a special event. Perhaps note cards in packages using our photos and our words on the back, or perhaps something new like post-it notes. We'd like something unique about our organization.
A: See an overview of items we offer. We give your project personal attention. This type of artistic gift created specially for your organization will also be less expensive than "executive gifts" that were popular a few years ago.

Q: I'd like to see a lot of details about how one custom card was designed for one client.
A: Read about the first card we did for the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.




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